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High Power Flat Coils for New Energy Applications

High power flat coil

High Power Flat Coils for New Energy Applications

1. Thickness of wire: 0.08-4.0mm or above, width of wire: 0.10-15mm.

2. Hole shape: round, oval, triangular, quadrilateral, pentagonal, hexagonal and so on.

3. The material is 220 degree temperature resistant enamelled copper wire.

4. The wire ends can be peeled and tin-plated and processed;

5. The wire ends can be punched and assembled with components;

6. Enamel peeping method: cutting or laser stripping;

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    Product Description

    1、We are direct manufacturer, can customize non-standard parts according to customer requirements.
    2、Material suppliers are strictly managed and all raw materials are strictly inspected;
    3、 We have many successful projects, during products tuning process, we will make fine grinding of our cutters, it will reduce the damage to enamel in the winding process, engineers have rich experience in debugging, they are very serious about every detail;
    4、Automatic equipment production can ensure on-time delivery;
    5、Regarding peeling of flat wire, it can be completed before forming for some wire specifications. 
    6, During the production process, we will collect the products every 30 minutes to  check the product appearance and dimensions;
    7、During tin dipping or assembly process, we will make rigorous testing to ensure product consistency;
    8、We will check all products, will not let defective products shipping to our customers;
    9、Packaging will be designed according to the structure of product;

    Product Applications

    Flat coils (also known as flat coil inductors) can be used in many products and devices where they are primarily used to measure displacement and position.
    Flat coils are often used for electromagnetic induction, for example in transformers. They can also be used to make coils in motors and generators.
    In addition, flat coils can be useful in radio frequency identification tags (RFID) and photovoltaic energy inverters, as well as in electric vehicle charging stations. 

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