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Spring Type Hollow Inductors for Base Station Filters

Spring type hollow inductor

Spring Type Hollow Inductors for Base Station Filters

1. Can use the minimum 0.1mm wire diameter or above for winding production

2. Can produce any shape you design, but you need to provide dimensions drawings and sample parameters;

3. Can provide enamelled copper wire, enamelled aluminium wire, red copper wire and so on.

4. Peeling, tinning and moulding can be completed at one time, and multi-stage tin dipping is possible;

5. Tight tolerance, reliable consistency;

6. Can customize the number of turns and the inner diameter of coil you design;

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    Product Description

    1.13 years experience in air coil inductor production
    2.We will give you professional advice and discuss the optimized solution.
    3.Experienced staffs answer your questions in professional and fluent English. We promise to provide you with product details and videos in time
    4. With professional R&D team, we are capable of producing the products you want.
    5. Factory direct sales, we believe we can provide you with high quality and low price products.
    6.Thoroughly checked by experienced professionals to ensure its durability, reliability and lifetime technical guidance can be provided.
    7. Delivery time:1-2 weeks.
    8.We accept orders with small quantity, which can let you test the market demand.

    Product Applications

    Spring Type Air Core Inductors (special shaped coils) can be used in many products and devices, mainly including: power transformers, base station filters, automotive motors, antennas, etc.: 
    Special shaped coils are usually used in the manufacture of power transformers for the input and output coils of the transformer. 
    Inductive components: In electronic devices, special shaped coils can be used as inductive components for functions such as filtering, coupling and voltage conversion. 
    Wireless chargers: In wireless chargers, special shaped coils are used as transmitting and receiving coils for wireless energy transmission. 
    Communication equipment: In communication equipment, special shaped coils are used for the transmission and reception of RF signals, such as antenna coils. 
    In short, shaped coils have a wide range of applications in electronic, electrical and wireless communication fields.

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