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XIE JUNsmdcoli

SAM /General Manager 

  • My brother and I chose to start a business together to establish NaHeng Electronics 13 years ago, as the General Manager of the company, I am an experienced and passionate leader. With 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship and management, I am well aware of the challenges and opportunities both inside and outside the industry. I am always committed to leading the team towards a common goal and contributing all my strength to the development and growth of the company.

    During my career, I have always adhered to the principle of integrity and quality first, and constantly pursued technological innovation and changes in marketing methods. I am aware of the market demand and industry development trend, through continuous efforts to make the company stay competitive in the fierce market competition.

    I focus on team building, I know how to develop every employee's potential, because I believe that a united, cooperative, professional, innovative team is a source of sustainable development of an enterprise. I am interested in business management and know how to cultivate and stimulate the creativity and work enthusiasm of my staffs. I pay attention to corporate social responsibility, not only production and operation, but also actively participate in public welfare undertakings, to fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises. I believe that through scientific management and perseverance, the company will be able to continue to progress, development and growth. As the General Manager, I am well aware of the great responsibility, but I also have the confidence and determination to lead the company to develop and grow continuously and become a leading enterprise in the industry. I will continue to maintain the attitude of humility and dedication, and work together with all staffs to create a better future for the company.

XIE FENGsmdcoli

KEN/Technical Manager

  • Over 20 years of experience in air core coil products development, project management and production. Ever worked as an engineering manager in a well-known electronics factory, familiar with the production process and technical requirements. 

    Specialized in communicating with the sales department and customers to understand their needs and provide the best solution in a shorter period of time. 

    Dedicated to the research and development of complex coil inductors, accumulated rich experience and demonstrated excellent technical strength. Skilled in project management, he has successfully driven and completed several important coil development projects, continuously improving product quality and production efficiency. His expertise and experience has enabled him to play a leadership role in the team, guiding team members to achieve results and playing an active and important role in driving the company towards IATF16949 certification. He has been able to bring solid technical support to the company, control manufacturing costs and develop better quality products. Under his leadership, factory is highly productive and the products are of excellent quality, he and his team always adhere to strict standards.
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Business Manager

  • Dear Clients, I am EDITH, a Business Manager with rich experience in the field of Foreign Trade and Exports. I would like to take this opportunity to share my background and expertise with you.

    I have twenty years of experience in the foreign trade and export industry. I have held key positions in three factories in cross-border trade, procurement and supply chain management.

    These work experiences have given me in-depth knowledge and practical experience in all aspects of international trade, including commercial negotiations, international trade regulations, logistics and transportation, and customs regulations.

    I have developed cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills by dealing with clients from different cultures and backgrounds. I am familiar with the business practices and communication styles of different countries, and I am able to respond flexibly to a variety of business situations. In addition, I have good teamwork spirit and can cooperate with team members from other departments to achieve project goals.

    Throughout my career, I have achieved the goal of sustained growth and profitability by building and maintaining excellent relationships with clients. My excellent sales skills and market insights help me to identify and seize business opportunities and expand new market share. My sensitivity to market trends and competitors enables me to develop effective sales strategies and capture more opportunities.
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I understand the importance of continuous learning and upgrading myself in this highly competitive industry. Therefore, I actively participate in industry trainings and professional events to stay up-to-date with international trade, market trends and latest technologies. I am also familiar with factory processes and attended the company's IATF16949 training courses and I am one of the company's IATF16949 internal auditor.

I am a passionate business manager with rich experience in foreign trade and export. I possess deep industry knowledge and skills as well as excellent communication and teamwork skills. I will contribute to the development and success of the company with professionalism and dedication, and I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to have an in-depth communication with you!