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High Inductance Magnetic Bar Inductor Coils

Spring type hollow inductor

High Inductance Magnetic Bar Inductor Coils

1.Wire diameter: 0.80 mm

2. Number of turns: 18TS

3. Material: enamelled copper wire , Temperature level: 220°C

4. Surface treatment: peepling, tin dipping

5. Packing: plastic tray packaging

6. Tin composition: Sn96.5%, Ag3%, Cu0.5%

7. Complex structure, both space winding and close winding are available.

8.The magnetic core is loaded firmly and passes the tensile test.

8.Products comply with ROHS environmental protection

9. Customized according to drawings

10.One time moulding, fully automatic.

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    Electrical Specification

    1. Our wire diameter specifications can meet your needs, 0.08mm and above can be produced;
    2. If the structure of your product design is complicated, I believe we can help you to solve it;
    3. Surface treatment can be tinned, glued and other processes;
    4. In China material suppliers are very rich in types and brands, we can find the material you want;
    5. Our equipment can guarantee precision, tight tolerances can be controlled;
    6. The products are manufactured in our own factory, the cost and quality can be strictly controlled, we can provide competitive products;
    7. We can meet your needs for samples and small quantities in order to test the performance of the products and market demand;

    Product Applications

    As a device for generating magnetic fields, the magnetic bar coil plays an important role in scientific research and engineering. It can achieve different shapes and strengths of magnetic fields by controlling the current and coil structure, and is widely used in physical experiments, earth sciences, medical research, electromagnetic design of electric motors, electric power systems and communications. Although there are some disadvantages of the magnetic bar coil, with the development of technology, its size, power consumption and performance are gradually improving, and it is expected to be used in more fields in the future.For example, bar magnet coils are being explored for potential applications in magnetic levitation transportation systems and advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology due to their ability to generate precise and controllable magnetic fields.

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