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Plug-in Hollow Inductor Coils

Spring type hollow inductor

Plug-in Hollow Inductor Coils

1.Diameter of wire: 0.10mm-6.00mm.

2.Hole shape: square, round, oval, etc.

3.The material can be welded and non-welded directly, the temperature resistance level has a variety of options,

130, 155, 180, 200, 220 levels are available.

4. The two ends of the product are tinned, tinning method: electroplating or tin dipping process;

5. Can be assembled with magnetic cores, plastic covers, heat-shrinkable tubes and other processes;

6. Can be wound with multi-bending dimensions;

7. Strict dimensional tolerances to ensure product precision.

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    product Description

    1、Products are manufactured in our own factory to ensure the quality of products can be controlled.
    2, The materials we use are the leading brands in China: ELEKTRISOLA, PEWSC, Suntek wire, Rongxing Electronics and so on;
    3、The stability of the product, smooth and beautiful appearance of the shape require rich experience from our engineers who handle every bending process seriously;
    4、High precision automatic equipment can form any shape and bending;
    5、We will monitor the whole production process, will check product appearance and size to ensure the yield rate in a fixed period of time ;
    6, During the whole inspection process, we will use magnifying glasses, microscopes, calipers, jigs and other methods to make complete inspection;
    7、Products are packaged in PE bags, carrier tape packages and blister trays;

    Product Applications

    Plug-in hollow coils can typically be found in products such as wireless charging devices, inductive cookers, wireless communication devices, wireless sensors, medical devices and industrial automation equipment. These coils are compact in design and are suitable for wireless energy transmission and data communication where space is limited. They are also often found in charging station equipment for electric vehicles. In addition, plug-in coils are used in wireless communication systems, electromagnetic induction devices and other applications that require wireless energy transmission,and their widespread use in electric vehicle charging equipment.

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