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Customization Process

When you can provide drawings with complete size parameters, or have specific product images and the product parameters you need, we can more quickly grasp your needs

After receiving the drawings, the professional engineering team of Naheng will evaluate your requirements and provide specific solutions within 24 hours. We may directly provide you with a quotation, and sometimes we will also give you some professional suggestions or alternative solutions, which mainly depend on: dimensional tolerance requirements, material specifications requirements, electrical performance requirements, production process requirements, and quantity requirements.

Once the plan is determined, Naheng will have a dedicated sample team to quickly complete the production of the samples. Please believe that in Naheng, samples are rigorously tested internally before being sent to customers. Only if the internal testing is qualified will they be shipped to our customers by express delivery.


We will provide flexible sample logistics methods according to customer requirements to meet your delivery time or freight requirements. When you receive our samples, we will pay attention to the testing results of your samples until the product is confirmed to be qualified. We will then confirm with you the plan for large-scale production.

In Naheng, the flexibility of large-scale production is also very high. If your order volume is large, we also have sufficient production lines to meet production capacity needs. If your order is very urgent, we always have multi specification raw material inventory and stable supplier channels, which can quickly complete the production of products for you.

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