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S3 Series Square Shape Air Core Inductors

SMT hollow inductor

S3 Series Square Shape Air Core Inductors

1.Inductance values from 5.5 nH up to 27.3 nH

2.Excellent Quality Factor - up to 130.

3.High self-resonant frequency.

4.Ultra-miniature size, hight currents up to 4.4 Amps.

5.Flat top and bottom for reliable pick and place with mechanical stability

6.All value available in 2%, 5% tolerance.

7. Silver-plated solder leads ensure reliable soldering.

8.The product material is enamelled copper wire.

9. Carrier tape packaging

    Graphic and dimensional descriptions

    S3 square shape series1 (1)pzi
    Drawing notes:
    a, The shaded area in the drawing is SN 100% plating or automatic lead-free solder treatment (Sn96.5%, Ag3%, Cu0.5%).
    b. The range of tin dipping is the minimum and maximum.
    C. The appearance of the product is not deformed, no residue of the tin-soaked part of the insulating enamel and enamel is not broken, product can pass the pinhole test.

    Dimensions table

    S3 square shape series1 (2)79j

    Electrical Specification 

    S3 square shape series1 (3)k9q
    a. Inductance meansured at 400MHz, 0.1Vrms, 0 A using HP4287A LCRmeter or equivalent with 9699 test fixture
    b. Inductance tolerance in bold are stocked for shipment
    c. Q meansured at 400MHz, using HP4287A LCR meter or equivalent.
    d. SRF meansured using HP8753 network analyzer and SMD test fixture
    e. Current that causes a 20°C temperature rise from 25°C ambient.
    f. Electrical specification at 25°C ambient.
    g. Resistance to soldering heat : Max three 40s reflows at260°C, parts cooled to room temperature between cycles
    h. Temperature Coefficient of Inductance : +5 to +70ppm/°C.

    Electrical Characteristic Curve

    S3 square shape series1 (4)2t1

    Product Applications

    Surface mount coils are commonly used in products such as communications equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical equipment and industrial automation etc. products. Their small size and high efficiency make them ideal for use in a variety of electronic devices for functions such as inductors, RFID, antennas, sensors and filters. These coils are generally preferred for their high reliability and ease of installation in compact spaces,and their flexibility for board layout.

    Product Dispaly

    • s3-dispaly (1)zt2
    • s3-dispaly (8)leg
    • s3-dispaly (7)ys1
    • s3-dispaly (4)x8x
    • s3-dispaly (2)1xz
    • s3-dispaly (1)dmx