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Copper Jumper Wire for Circuit Breakers & Circuit Connection Wire

Circuit Connection Wire

Copper Jumper Wire for Circuit Breakers & Circuit Connection Wire

1.Multi-bending moulding

2. Can be flattened, punched, cut

3. Enamel removal, tin dipping

4. Stable consistency to protect the customer assembly efficiency

5. No damage to enamel, can pass pinhole test.

6. Products comply with ROHS environmental requirements

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    Product description

    1. We can customize;
    2. Accept drawings or sample requirements for customized production
    3. We can produce linear structure products with flat and round wires;
    4. Excellent moulding equipment and testing equipment to ensure product consistency and quality;
    5. we have passed the certification of IATF:16949 and ISO9001:2016 quality system, and carefully implement the quality process requirements to achieve the quality management of standardized production process;
    6.Accept customized production, with our experience of developing 120 kinds of linear products, we can give you professional solutions and suggestions;

    Product Applications

    Copper jumper wire are usually used in power systems and electrical equipment, such as electricity distribution cabinets, electrical control cabinets, transformers and so on. Copper jumper wires have excellent conductivity and stable electrical characteristics, which are suitable for power transmission and connection under high current and high power. Therefore, copper jumper wire is one of the common connecting elements in the power system and electrical equipment. New energy applications are also widely used in the field, mainly used in the power battery pack conductive connection, as well as the charging stations of the conductive connection. Copper wire connection is mainly used for Copper bus bar (busbar) and transformers, generator sets and other large-scale conductive equipment between the connection.

    Copper jumpers are also critical in renewable energy applications, particularly in solar power systems and wind turbines, where they are used to interconnect solar panels, inverters and battery banks. Their ability to efficiently conduct high currents and withstand harsh environmental conditions makes them an important component of these sustainable energy systems. Additionally, in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, copper jumpers play a vital role in connecting charging stations to the grid and facilitating the transfer of high-power current to the vehicle. Overall, the versatility and reliability of copper jumpers make them indispensable in a variety of power transmission and distribution applications, contributing to the efficient and reliable operation of electrical systems in different industries.


    Product Dispaly

    • Copper jumper wire (1)1yy
    • Copper jumper wire (4)0cc
    • Copper jumper wire (2)5tx