Air Core Coil (Customized Parts)

Professional custom Air Core Coil,multi-layer hollow core coil,shaped hollow core coil,plug-in hollow core inductor,high-power flat inductor coil and other hollow inductors of any shape,strict control of dimensional tolerance and consistency.Products are widely used in communications,new energy,medical electronics,etc.

Shaped Air Core Coil Make In SMDCOIL For Processing Industry

Shaped Air Core Coil (1) 0.80mm enameled copper w

Shaped Hollow Coil Make In China For Processing Industry

Shaped Hollow Coil (1) 2.00mm enameled copper wir

Shaped Hollow Coil For Processing Industry Make In China

Shaped Hollow Coil (1) 1.60mm 220°C enamelled

Hollow Inductor Make In China For Processing Industry

Hollow Inductor 1.0.80mm 200°C enamelled copp

Air Core Coil Make in China For Medical Electronics

Air Core Coil applicable filter 1.0.80mm IEC60317

Shaped Hollow Coil Make In China For Transformer Industry

Shaped Hollow Coil 1.0.60mm 2PEW-155°C enamel