Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
  • Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
  • Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
  • Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
  • Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
  • Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series

Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series

Square Air Core Inductors SMDE580,Series
(1) Inductance values from 47 nH up to 82nH.
(2) Excellent Quality Factor - up to 230 at 400MHz.
(3) High self-resonant frequency.
(4) Ultra-miniature size, hight currents up to 5.7 Amps.
(5) Flat top and bottom for reliable pick and place and mechanical stability.
(6) All value availbale in 2%, 5% tolerance.
(7) Tin-silver coated leads ensure reliable soldering.
(8) Carrier tape packaging for automated SMT production 

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Specification & Size
Application & Support


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit: mm)

(1) The shaded area in the figure is SN100% electroplated or automatic lead-free solder treatment (Sn96.5%, Ag3%, Cu0.5%);
(2) The immersion tin range is the minimum min, the maximum max part;
(3) The appearance of the product is not deformed, there is no residue in the immersion tin part of the patent leather, and the insulating paint is not damaged, and it is tested by pinhole;
(4) Product material: enameled copper wire.
Square Air Core Inductors

Product Model A B C D E F Weight
±0.10 ±0.20 ±0.10 (mg)
 SMDE580-331 10.29  7.49  7.24  9.35  8.26  2.29  840.0 
 SMDE580-361 11.30  7.49  7.24  10.54  8.26  2.29  940.0 
 SMDE580-391 12.83  7.49  7.24  11.56  8.26  2.29  1010.0 
 SMDE580-431 13.21  7.49  7.24  12.45  8.26  2.29  1060.0 
 SMDE580-501 14.00  7.49  7.24  13.21  8.26  2.29  1140.0 

Electrical Specification

(1) Inductance meansured at specified frequency, 0.1Vrms, 0 A using HP4287A LCRmeter or equivalent with SMD test fixture.
(2) Inductance tolerance in bold are stocked for shipment.
(3) Q meansured at specified test frequency, using HP4287A LCR meter or equivalent.
(4) SRF meansured using HP8753 network analyzer and SMD test fixture.
(5) Current that causes a 20°C temperature rise from 25°C ambient. This information is for reference only and does not represent absolute maximum ratings.
(6) Electrical specification at  25°C ambient.
(7) Resistance to soldering heat : Max three 40s reflows at  +260°C, parts cooled to room temperature between cycles.
(8) Temperature Coefficient of Inductance : +5 to +70 ppm/°C.

Series Inductance Test     DCR  Q SRF lrms
nH frequency   (MΩ) (GHz)
±3%   (MHz)    max typ max (A)
 SMDE580-331 330nH 50  12.50  180  0.66  4.7 
 SMDE580-361 360nH 50  13.50  180  0.62  4.5 
 SMDE580-391 390nH 50  14.50  180  0.59  4.4 
 SMDE580-431 430nH 50  15.50  180  0.55  4.2 
 SMDE580-501 500nH 50  16.50  180  0.50  4.3 


 Product Model   A   B   C   K
 SMDE580-331 8.90mm 11.8mm 24.0mm 7.60mm
 SMDE580-361 8.90mm 12.8mm 24.0mm 7.60mm
 SMDE580-391 8.90mm 13.8mm 24.0mm 7.60mm
 SMDE580-431 8.90mm 14.8mm 24.0mm 7.60mm
 SMDE580-501 8.90mm 15.8mm 24.0mm 7.60mm


(1) When you select the desired product model,we will arrange a free sample for you to test.
(2) All your enquiries and emails will be replied within 12 hours.
(3) Experienced staff answer your questions in professional and fluent English.
(4) We can provide you with high quality and competitive price products.The larger the order quantity, the lower the price.
(5) Thoroughly inspected by excellent quality control to ensure durability,reliability and lifetime technical guidance.
(6) Delivery time:5-10 days
(7) Minimum order quantity:2000PCS per package.
(8) We can also customize the products you want, but you need to provide relevant product information.




(1) Wireless communication electronic device
(2) Internet of Things devices
(3) Medical electronics
(4) Broadband filter

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