Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
  • Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
  • Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
  • Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
  • Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3
  • Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3

Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor 3

Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor
(1) 1.60mm enamelled copper wire EIC-60317
(2) Compliance with ROHS environmental protection
(3) Non-standard customization
(4) Close winding
(5) Suitable for communication power
(6) Unique structure, the inner hole is rectangular


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Specification & Size
Application & Support


Standard Size

(1) Wire diameter: 1.60mm
(2) Inner diameter: 21.50mm X3.45mm
(3) Number of turns: 5TS
(4) Material: Enamelled copper wire EIC-60317
(5) Packing: plastic tray


(1) Exquisite workmanship, unique structure, and products comply with ROHS environmental protection
(2) Reliable and stable consistency
(3) It can produce inner hole square, round, oval and other shapes.
(4) Winding direction: clockwise or counterclockwise
(5) It can meet the stringent requirements for dimensional tolerances.
(6) Low resistance, high current resistance

Plug-in Air Core Coil Inductor


(1) OEM service. 10 years of product production experience
(2) All your enquiries and emails will be replied within 12 hours.
(3) We are committed to providing you with product details and videos in a timely manner.
(4) With a professional technical team, we have the ability to provide you with satisfactory products.
(5) We are not a trader and we believe we can provide you with high quality and competitive prices.
(6) Fully inspected by experienced professionals to ensure pass rate and reliability.
(7) Delivery time: 10-15 days
(8) Minimum order quantity: 1000PCS, the larger the order quantity, the price will be discounted


Custom Conditions

We accept a variety of styles of hollow coil customization.
If you want to customize, please provide the following information:
(1) Structure type
(2) Quantity ordered
(3) Material standard, wire diameter, temperature resistance,
(4) Go to paint film, immersion tin
(5) Inner diameter or outer diameter
(6) Product structure full size, tolerance standard
(7) Product structure, coil
(8) Electrical measurement parameters
(9) Application and use environment
Of course, providing detailed product drawings is our best assessment.



Suitable for communication equipment, amplifiers, audio-visual equipment, audio equipment, noise filters, power supplies, switching regulators, automotive electronics.

Tips on getting accurate quotes from suppliers. Please include the following in your inquiry:
1. Personal or business information
2. Provide product request in great detail
3. Inquiry for MOQ, Unit Price, etc

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