Will Air Core Coil be full?

The magnetic properties are not full without change, the magnetic properties of the permanent magnet data are constant, and the soft magnetic data itself is not magnetic, so the soft magnetic data is very easy to magnetize and easy to demagnetize, so when the magnetic flux reaches a certain amount At the time, the magnetic fullness will occur.

Magnetic fullness is actually a physical property of magnetic data. It refers to the fact that the magnetic flux is infinitely increased due to the physical structure constraints, and is kept in a certain number of conditions.
                                                                        Air Core Coil
Magnetic fullness is a physical property of magnetic materials. After magnetic saturation occurs, it is harmful in some cases, but sometimes it is beneficial in some occasions. For example, the magnetic fullness regulator uses the magnetic fullness characteristic of the core to reach the stability voltage. After the power transformer (coil inductance) is full, the current increases sharply and will soon burn out.

Air Core Coil because the medium inside the coil is air, and the air reluctance is very large, so it is very difficult to make it full. Although the air-core coil is basically not full, this does not mean that the air-core coil can be used indefinitely. It can only be said that the operating bandwidth of the air-core coil is very wide.