Where is the air core inductor coil generally used?

Where is the air core inductor coil generally used? What are the precautions during its use!

1. Precautions for air core inductor coil can generally be divided into the following four points:

1. The installation position of the air core inductor coil meets the design requirements:

  The installation position of the coil should meet the design requirements, and the relative position of the assembly position of the coil and other components should meet the design regulations, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the whole machine.

2. Perform proper visual inspection before installation:

  Before installing the air core inductor coil, perform a visual inspection. Before use, check whether the structure of the coil is firm, whether the coil is loose or loose, whether the lead contact is loose, whether the magnetic core rotates flexibly, and whether there is a slider Wait. After all these aspects have been checked and passed, the installation can be carried out.

3. Make appropriate fine-tuning:

  If the air core inductor coil needs to be fine-tuned during use, the fine-tuning method should be considered. Some coils need to be fine-tuned during use. It is very difficult to change the number of coils. Therefore, the fine-tuning method should be considered when selecting.

4. Keep the inductance of the original coil:

  When using the coil, pay attention to maintaining the inductance of the original inductance coil. During the use of the wire net, do not change the shape, size and distance between the coils. The incense will affect the original inductance of the coil, especially the higher the frequency. That is, the coil with fewer turns. Therefore, the high-frequency wire used in TV sets has been sealed and fixed with high-frequency wax or other dielectric materials. In addition, it should be noted that during maintenance, do not change or adjust the position of the original coil at will to avoid detuning failure.

5. Maintain the magnetic flux of the air core inductor coil:

  The installation of the adjustable coil should be adjusted to the limitation of the physical structure, and the magnetic flux passed through cannot be increased indefinitely, so as to maintain a certain amount of state. Magnetic saturation is a physical characteristic of a magnetic material. After magnetic saturation occurs, it is harmful in some situations, but sometimes beneficial in some situations. For example, a magnetic saturation regulator uses the magnetic saturation characteristics of the iron core to achieve the purpose of voltage stabilization.

  After the power transformer (coil inductance) is saturated, the current will increase sharply, and it will heat up and burn out soon. Because the medium in the air-core coil is air, the magnetic resistance of air is very large. It is difficult to saturate the air-core coil. Although the air-core coil is basically not saturated, it does not mean that the air-core coil can be used indefinitely, but that the bandwidth of the air-core coil is very wide.