What should be paid attention to during the winding of Inductance coil?

          In the actual use of Inductance coil, there are many types of non-standard parts of inductance coils. Generally speaking, these non-standard parts need to be targeted for winding, but the winding is not simply random winding. During the process of manufacturing, you should pay attention to the following points:

          In the actual use of Inductance coil, there are many types of inductance coils that are non-standard parts. These need to be selected according to the needs of the circuit. The winding method is generally selected. The requirements of the circuit, the size of the inductance and the diameter of the coil bobbin to determine the winding method.

Inductance coil
            General inter-winding coils are suitable for use in high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency circuits. When the number of turns is less than 3-5 turns, there is no need for a skeleton, and they can have better characteristics. The Q value is higher, up to 150-400. , The stability is also very high. The single-layer densely wound coil is suitable for short-wave and medium-wave circuits, and its Q value can reach 150-250, which will have higher stability. Also, there should be obvious signs when winding the coil leads, so that it is easier to distinguish when it is convenient to use.