What role can Inductor air core coil play in hearing aids

Inductor air core coil is generally a device installed inside a hearing aid for receiving magnetic signals. When there is an alternating magnetic field in the surrounding environment, the coil can induce this magnetic force, thereby generating a current, which can finally be converted into sound after being subjected to the microphone. So as to pass to the human ear.

So how do these Inductor air core coils work? In fact, when the hearing aid is in the microphone, the coil actually does not work; and when the hearing aid is in the inductive coil, the coil can recognize the magnetic signal in the surrounding environment, and can also amplify it into an electrical signal of the same size, which can be further transformed into Recognized voice. The stronger the magnetic signal, the clearer and truer the sound you hear.

Inductor air core coil
So which hearing aids have Inductor air core coil function? BTE hearing aids, such hearing aids are generally large in size, easy to operate, and easy to install inductive coils. What functions can inductive coils generally achieve?

Answer the call, the microphone program Hearing aid microphone works normally, can collect the sound in the surrounding environment. There is also the induction loop magnetic signal. The Inductor air core coil system can generally convert the audio signal into an electric current, which in turn generates a magnetic field for identification by the inductive coil in the hearing aid. So when the inductive coil in the hearing aid recognizes this magnetic signal, the inductive coil can convert it into sound and transmit it to the human ear through the receiver. The relatively few signal conversion times of the inductive coil make the sound distortion less, the signal-to-noise ratio greater, and listening more comfortable.