What is the difference between Hollow inductor and solid inductor?

          Many people do not know the difference between Hollow inductor and solid inductor. In fact, under the same number of turns and volume, Hollow inductor's inductance value is much lower than solid inductor, so hollow inductor is generally more suitable for In the case of a wider frequency, the solid sense reactance has a more serious frequency tendency; that is, the hollow sense reactance allows most audio and audio frequencies to pass, and the solid sense reactance is selective and only allows a part to pass;

 Hollow inductor
The reason why there are these two kinds of inductances is that because of the need to consider the needs of audio and audio, so in the frequency divider, hollow inductance is generally used in the front stage, theoretically allowing 20 to 20KHz audio to pass; After frequency division, only 20-1KHz, 1K-10KHz, 10-20Hz, etc. are allowed to pass through the audio signal after "frequency division", so that the purpose of frequency division output can be achieved.