The main role of Wave spring

       Wave spring washers are mainly steel wave springs and multilayer wave springs for single-layer motors. Multi-layer wave springs can also be used between them. This kind of thing is called a multi-layer wave washer. Rings and metal elements with multiple peaks and valleys in each layer are generally used in spacecraft, bearings, flow valves, pressure valves, clutches, vibration isolators, axial piston pumps and drives.

Wave spring
  The main effect of Wave spring washer is to protect the appearance of the joint to prevent scratching the surface of the workpiece when the bolt and nut are tightened; the spring pad is generally anti-loosening. However, there are some important connections, such as the place where the friction force is mainly transmitted by the compression, so the spring pad cannot be used, and the rigidity of the connection is reduced, but the accident is easy.

       The basic effect of Wave spring washer is to give a force after the screw bolt is tightened. Anti-loosening effect. Add friction between screw bolt and material. Therefore, the material is fastened in the sensation and prevents loosening between the screw bolt and the material. In short, the effect of spring washer is the effect of protective measures.