Talk about the hollow coil magnetic saturation?

In real life, there are many hollow coils around us, and we are very familiar with it. Generally, when we buy hollow coils, we buy them from regular businesses, so the quality is more guaranteed. When using hollow coils, it is necessary to clarify its indicators so that it can improve work efficiency and save costs. Today, I will come with you to learn whether the hollow inductor coil is magnetically saturated.

 According to Xiaobian's understanding, the magnetism will not saturate under the condition of no change, the magnetism of the permanent magnet data is constant, and the soft magnetic data itself is not magnetic. At time, magnetic saturation occurs. Magnetic saturation is a physical characteristic of magnetic data, which means that due to the physical structure of magnetically permeable data, the magnetic flux that it passes cannot be increased indefinitely, so that it persists in a certain number of states.
hollow coils
Magnetic saturation is a physical property of magnetic data. After magnetic saturation is generated, it is harmful in some places, but sometimes it is beneficial. For example, the magnetic saturation voltage stabilizer is to achieve the purpose of stabilizing voltage by applying the magnetic saturation characteristic of the dead center. After the power transformer is saturated, the current increases sharply, and it will soon be burned out. Since the medium in the coil is air, the magnetic resistance of air is very large. It is difficult to saturate it. Although the hollow coil does not saturate at all, it does not mean that the hollow coil can be used infinitely, but that the bandwidth of the hollow coil is very wide.