Simple analysis of the advantages of flat coils

Flat coil inductors, also known as high current inductors, are used in many working circuits, and their intention is the circular wire inductance cannot reach a set current value under the same standard. Because it is the same as the standard, the lowest resistance, and the raw material does not include lead, is the ROHS directive, these functions have chosen to replace the previous generation, become a power supply, PC and other small handheld electronic devices such as A general-purpose product such as IPAD.  

The reason is due to the benefits of flat coils:
1. From the perspective of overall planning, the structure of the round shape in the early years has been changed, and the flattening plan has been adopted to directly increase the surface area, and the product volume has been added accordingly, so that the heat dissipation of the core and the coil is more scientific and efficient
2.The spiral coil is made up of a flat structure and is made of a flat wire. This is better than the cylindrical enameled wire in terms of heat dissipation, and it can cross the traditional products in the heat dissipation of the air duct. 
3. Product optimization planning—— The superior heat dissipation function allows the core to be set with a higher policy and reduces consumables. The core standard can be smaller and the number of winding turns can be reduced.