Notes on using Hollow inductor

In the case of the same volume and the same number of turns, the Hollow inductor is less affected by the frequency, and most of the signals can pass through smoothly, which is more suitable in the case of a wide-frequency high-frequency circuit. Hollow inductors are used in low-voltage electrical appliances, industrial control, induction reception, high-current coils, SMT placement, automotive electronics, etc. So are there any precautions when using Hollow inductors?

①Hollow inductor generally needs to be installed in a position that is easy to adjust to adjust the sense of quantity to a better working state.

② In the process of using, you need to pay attention to fine-tuning methods, such as moving the coil near the end point or moving a segment, you can achieve fine-tuning of the amount of sense.

③Before installation and use, you need to check the appearance of Hollow inductor, whether there is structural damage, etc., and confirm that there is no problem before proceeding.

Hollow inductors
④When using, high frequency wax and other materials are needed for fixed sealing. Otherwise, the change of size, shape or distance will lead to the change of the sense quantity, such as detuning and other failures.

⑤In the design, the position of the Hollow inductor needs to be rationally designed. The fewer the number of turns, the higher the frequency, and more attention should be paid to the rationality of the design, so as not to affect the overall normal work and avoid the mutual influence between the components.