Notes on the winding process of inductance coil

Inductance coil should pay attention to these matters in the winding process. During the use of inductance coil, there are many types of non-standard parts. It is necessary to perform targeted winding according to needs. During the winding process, pay attention to the following aspects:

inductance coil
According to the needs of the circuit, the winding method is selected; the winding method needs to be determined according to the requirements of the circuit and the size of the inductance and the size of the coil bobbin diameter.

Interwinded coils are suitable for use in high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency circuits. When the number of turns is less than 3-5, the skeleton can be used without having a good characteristic. The Q value is high and the stability is high. The single-layer dense-wound coil is suitable for short-wave and medium-wave circuits. Its Q value can reach 1, which has higher stability.