Inductance coil manufacturer introduces several types of inductors

       The function of the inductance coil shows that it has a blocking effect. The self-induced electromotive force in the inductor coil will compete with the current change. The inductor can be mainly divided into a high-frequency choke coil and a low-frequency choke coil. In addition, there are functions of tuning and frequency selection. Generally, the inductor coil and the capacitor can form a tuning circuit, and the electromagnetic energy oscillates back and forth between the inductor and the capacitor, which is a resonance phenomenon of the lc loop.

        The high-frequency choke coil, also known as the high-frequency choke coil, is mainly used to prevent high-frequency alternating current from passing through. The high-frequency choke coil is generally a hollow or ferrite high-frequency magnetic core. The coil is generally made of a honeycomb type multi-stage winding.

        The low-frequency choke coil is also called a low-frequency choke coil, and is generally applied to a current circuit, an audio circuit, or a field output circuit, etc., and its function is generally to prevent low-frequency alternating current from passing. Inductor air core coil ,Surface patch core inductor manufacturer